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By Mike - 14 Nov 2013

Hi Ray.....

See my responses below.... thanks.  I am not saying I agree with my answers, however, most fundamentalist groups would argue strongly against what you are trying to say and they would go on to suggest that you are proposing a New Age, un-Christian teaching....

Can life exist without God?

Fundamentalists would say, Yes.  The Universe was created Ex Nihilo and we have the breath of God in us but there is no need for us to still be connected to God in some umbilical cord that keeps us alive.  In fact, we have been separated from God by way of Original Sin.

If not, then does that not mean that life is a part of God? 

No, life is not part of God.... it was given to us and can be taken away.

If God is everywhere, are you saying that God is everywhere except in us?

Yes, God can be everywhere, spacially, in heaven, on earth, in hell, etc...  that does not mean that God is in us, unless we are born again Christians.  God is ONLY in those who properly obey and accept His teachings.

If Matter and energy and consciousness can not be created or destroyed, then how could God have created us without us being a part of His eternalness?

Man may not be able to do this... at least with energy and matter but God could.  As to consciousness, one can argue that it dies with the death of the body.

If we are an eternal soul, then we have always been and will always be, isn't that the description of how we think God is?

Some, actually most, fundamentalist groups would argue that the idea of an Eternal Soul is a borrowed Pagan concept, that some Christians mistake as being from the Bible.

Your separateness belief about us from God must be able to answer these questions.

They do....


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