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By Mary - 15 Nov 2013

Re: By Ray - 15 Nov 2013


That was so beautifully said and makes so much sense.  I believe animals have souls and also that they are just as important as we are.  Just because they have fur and don't look like us does not make us superior in any way and I don't know where we ever got the idea that we were.  Animals are much smarter than we are I think.  And I also believe they were put here for us to care for and to LEARN, kindness and appreciating the simplest things such as a pat on the head or a ride in the car greed, corruption and so sin.  

Read in a magazine today while waiting to get a haircut that "in this day of information, how could people NOT KNOW what is happening to animals/birds...all animals at factory farms and so many other farms...said it was almost impossible to not know so how can people continue to eat animals when they are aware of the horrific treatment they go through.  This article was about thanksgiving and it was not a holiday at was a day of dread as so many turkeys will be killed for one meal.  

My skin crawls thinking of this.


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