Do Animals Go To Heaven?Do Animals Go To Heaven?
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By Ray - 15 Nov 2013

Re: By Noelene - 14 Nov 2013

I agree.

Genesis says "the spirit of God moved across the Earth and brought forth life to every living thing".  The life that is in every living cell is the spirit of God. That life cannot exist without the spirit of God.  The consciousness that is using every living brain is God consciousness.

The brain does not create consciousness, if it did, then there would be no consciousness after death.  C.S. Lewis said: "You do not have a soul, you are a soul, you have a body".  This means our souls are not of this world, but use our bodies to experience this world, and then leave our bodies and this world when our bodies die.  Thus all being that have consciousness have a soul and all consciousness comes from God.

Jesus said: "That which you do to the least among you, you do to God",  If God were separate from us, then this could not be true.


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