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By Noelene - 15 Nov 2013


I agree that God does NOT HAVE all (ANY) of the negative characteristics which humans sometimes express.   BUT one of the misinterpretations in the Bible I think is that he has in fact been presented and misunderstood within Christianity, NOT as an unchangeably loving God,  but as being a jealous God;  a judgmental and punishing God;  a God of wrath!!  This was in 553 A.D., when at the Council of Nicene in Constantinople, the by-then totally patriarchal leaders of the Church imposed THEIR view of God – to be taken up trustingly by the churches!     And if you didn’t believe their versions, you could end up in a PLACE called Hell (not a state of mind).   Such was their wish to retain all power over the people....and to prevent them from thinking for themselves,  about God’s real Nature.    

Anything less than perfection cannot be God – either in us or not -  but must be simply a HUMAN trait which man, as ‘the church’  has imposed upon God.  We see how severely judgmental and punishing,  MAN can be whenever ‘he’ sees someone, in their (God-given) free-will, do wrong.  I’ve wondered whether ‘he’ thinks he’s obeying what he believes is God’s (judgmental) way?   I’m not denying the terrible pain as we see all that is happening, especially to the beautiful, precious, innocent creatures, but I don’t think we can possibly imagine it is ‘God’s Will’, or that God (again, as an entity?)  can or would break into our free-will learning-curve as we each grow spiritually.  

I think we share God’s features....they are inherent but not always expressed  -  in fact often the opposite is expressed  -   the lack-of-Good.   Which is when we feel ‘separate’ – out of harmony with our true source, the spirit within.   Yes, I believe every living thing is a part of  God, by the very breath of life.   You can’t have two separate spirits:  the ONE GOD of LIFE;   and a separate, minor ‘spirit’ which God ‘gives us’ (which requires that He be separate – an ‘entity’),   like our receiving a crumb from the table instead of the complete food.    At least that’s how I see it at this stage of experience.

But I have never thought or said that I AM GOD!   Again, as I see it, that would mean that I am a GOD – ENTITY,  rather than a reflection of God – ‘Who’ is THE ONE SPIRIT, within ALL LIFE,  ALL CREATION...



P.S. You explain it so clearly, Raymond.

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