Do Animals Go To Heaven?Do Animals Go To Heaven?
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By Ray - 17 Nov 2013

I personally do not hold to the belief that being a disembodied soul outside of space and time is better place than having a body with 5 senses and being able to exist within space and time and being able to run through a field or swim in the ocean or fly in the air or cuddle up with your parents or your offspring or love another and touch another.

It is my suspicion that we come here to have all those wonderful things that life offers.  That it took a lot of thought and design and work and billions of years to create a place in which we can have a physical body and enjoy a physical experience.

So that, those that suffer here will have relief from that suffering when they die, but they will have lost the opportunity for the joy that only living on the physical plane can give.

Yes, I already know that those that wrote the bible, teach differently.  Bible verses that disagree will not alter my view.....thanks anyways.  :-) 


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