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By Sven - 19 Nov 2013

Ray: About the words of "being weak in the faith":

Letīs look at the context.

These words do not especially refer to vegetarians in general as I understood it.

That was more about Israelites living in Rome of whom some thought that if they were eating the flesh of animals sacrificed in rituals within the roman religion they would be involved in that religion and thus do wrong. Some who did not see it like this were eating the flesh of  these animals. What the apostle here is saying is something like that the Roman religion is not "contagious". He supports the latter group. Paul is also the one writing about the redemption of all creation I believe, in Romans 8:20-22.

Some Christians argue against vegetarianism but I think that classic Christian beliefs at large is true . Even if I am not among the most fundamentalist Christians in general terms I have a relatively theologically conservative faith. It is possible to combine that with being vegetarian out of conviction. Look at Andrew Linzey and others in Christian vegetarian association. Pastor Frank I believe is also rather close to the bible.

I do believe in Christ in a classic way and I am also vegetarian.


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