Dog Racing

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Dog Racing
Comments by Tori Schofield - 3 Dec 2007

Dear Frank and Mary,

I understand what you mean. I know that greyhound racing has become more of an industry than a hobby over the last few years and the dogs are now, more than often, treated like machines than as living beings. This part of greyhound racing does appall me. ( As a note. We no longer take part in greyhound racing since my mother died some years ago and it was her hobby ) We have seen greyhounds that have been mistreated, and we tried to get the trainers to change their ways, we have also tried reporting it but unfortunately, in England (and I guess in most countries) most people don't seem to listen to animal cruelty.

There is a charity set up here though for retired greyhounds, which tries its best to re-home greyhounds that are donated to them. I'll provide a link to their website for your perusal.

When I was a child, greyhound racing used to be more of a family hobby... Greyhounds were kept as pets, in the house, and the whole family would go to the races on a weekend and race their beloved pet. People have forgotten this.

I try to encourage people to adopt retired greyhounds and I would recommend it to anyone as the greyhound makes a wonderful pet, companion and friend.



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