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By Ray - 8 Mar 2017

In Reference to: Mark 11:24 Prayer


"My faith is that God will continue to guide me and give the gift of decrement, that I will know when I am being told untruths about God."

We all have a connection directly to God, when we want God to guide us and teach us and show us the truth and give us a moral compass, God will.

I am not in a broken state.......this is not your judgement on me to make.

I am with God, I am flawed but I seek God's direction and the fruits of the spirit and those that know me see these fruits in me.

I am vegetarian because God asked that I do not harm other beings for the pleasure of tasting that beings flesh, even though the Bible says that my faith is weak in doing so.  The Bible supports flesh eating and claims that God gave Man the animals to Man to eat.  I disagree with the Bible, I don't believe God wants us to abuse animals and degrade our bodies with their carcasses.

I trust that God will guide me in all things.


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