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By Fr. Joe Classen

In Reference to the Article: God's Hunters?

Hello Frank and Mary.

I’m not avoiding the issue of suffering at all. As I mentioned, there unfortunately is nothing we can do about the fall of man…which brought pain, suffering and sin into the world. It is an unfortunate reality that something must die in order for something else to live in this world…which is an undeniable principle that applies to all living creatures (including man) on planet earth.

And as I also mentioned, while animals could care less about causing pain and suffering to other creatures (like a pet cat who catches and tortures a bunny all day), mankind should care…thus, we are called to harvest our food (including animals) humanely. An outdoorsman ends the life of his potential food either instantly or within a matter of seconds….far faster than a veterinarian can…and certainly with more respect, gratitude and swiftness that those who commercially raise meat.

Yes, I could acquire my food from the market…but I choose to take personal accountability and responsibility for the food that I eat. I want to know first hand how it lived, where it lived, how it died, how it was processed and how it was prepared. As a hunter and fisherman, I know all these things firsthand. Those who “hunt” at the market have completely removed themselves from the reality of the “sacrifice” their food has paid…and thus show little gratitude and reverence for what they eat, that land that produced it, and the God who created it.

As I’ve already mentioned, displaying a wildlife mount or a photograph with a magnificent creature one has hunted has nothing to do with pride, lust, ego and all the rest. It is a way to immortalize the creature that became ones food, and more so, to commemorate time spent afield: the beauty and wonder of the place that creature lived, and the quality time spent with family, friends and the Lord. When has one honored a chicken or cow (or head of lettuce) from the market in such a way?

You seem to be forgetting what God said to Noah later on in Genesis (yes, again, unfortunately after the fall of man)… “Every creature that is alive shall be yours to eat; I give them all to you as I did the green plants” (Gen 9:3).

And speaking of ducking the issue…I’m still waiting to hear your thoughts on Jesus’ words to Peter in Act 10:13-16… “Slaughter and eat!” I’m also still waiting to hear your response to the undeniable reality of the painful killing of millions of animals as a result of raising vegetables. And…I’m still waiting to hear your response to the reality of Jesus (God) and his followers killing and eating fish and lamb.

On a final note…if “bringing peace to this world” ultimately means no longer eating things that we (as omnivores) are designed to eat, then we are all in big trouble!

God bless.

Fr. Joe


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