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By Frank and Mary Hoffman

In Reference to the Article: God's Hunters?

Dear Joe:

Thank you for your reply.

In the Acts 10 passage the key is that Peter didn't kill and eat. We also understand the official church position, but the Hebrew understanding was based upon not entering the home of a Gentile, which is what we discussed. The fact that he refused to kill and eat is also proof of his staying with the kosher laws. Nothing in the story indicated otherwise when he went to Cornelius's home.

We also need to remember that the whole sacrificial system was part of God's concession to a disobedient human race to try to limit their sacrificial killing to the Temple/Tabernacle, until they once again returned to Him with a contrite heart. People were scapegoating animals and sacrificing them long before Abraham, and everyone was doing their own thing.

We do not find your comments to be hostile toward us, but your actions do cause us to grieve for both you and the animals and the other human beings who also mourn. Hardly a day goes by when we don't get email from at least one person who feels uncomfortable in church because of the lack of empathy for animals that they encounter. Even Paul said he wouldn't eat meat if it made others uncomfortable.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary


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