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By Joe Classen

In Reference to the Article: God's Hunters?

Hello Frank and Mary.

Looks like we will continue to disagree over issues of scriptural interpretation.

In the mean time...again.....I still am waiting to hear your comments on the fact that Jesus (God) and His followers killed and ate fish and lamb (and showed no remorse whatsoever). How do you reconcile this fact as Christian vegans? Please tell me? And yet again, how can you reconcile the issue of millions of animals being painfully killed in the process of raising vegetables?

I've attached a picture for you to consider that shows the reality of the later point. Warning: it is graphic and disturbing...to me as much as anyone else. But, it shows the reality of what farmers end up doing during the deer season to keep their crops (that vegetarians buy and eat) from being destroyed when the growing season comes around. I personally know this farmer and many others who unfortunately must take these drastic measures to make a living growing vegetables.


When one buys unprocessed plants, grown by local farmers...this is the reality. How do you reconcile this?

God bless.

Fr. Joe.

PS- As much as I've enjoyed our conversation (and I really have) I have to say that until you can give me an answer to these two foundational issues, there is nothing else to consider or discuss.

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