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By Joe Classen

In Reference to the Article: God's Hunters?

Hello Frank and Mary.

“Losing their empathy”…no. Gently helping them face reality…yes.

There are very, very few reputable scripture scholars and not one orthodox Jewish or Christian community who would agree with most of your comments. Besides…just the fact that Jesus ate one fish…which is specially noted in scripture….would completely contradict all the vegetarian logic. Not to mention, Jesus ordered Peter to catch a fish with a hook…and not even for the purpose of food! (Mathew 17:27) John 14:12 has absolutely nothing to do with restricting one’s diet. Here again…you have put your own subjective spin on things.

The evidence for the absurdity and ineffectiveness of deer immunocontraceptives is overwhelming. And, I can’t believe you’d deny those innocent creatures their right to reproduce. Again, I challenge you to consult any wildlife biologist, conservation or natural resource professional in the country on the matter….. but I know you won’t…facing the truth is too uncomfortable.

As I’ve mentioned several times, killing, in the grand scheme of things, is not important to me, it don’t particularly enjoy it at all, but it is a reality of life on earth, thus I kill humanely. If there was not one human being on earth, the fact remains that animals would still suffer terribly as a result of the other animals struggling for survival, the wrath of Mother Nature and environmental patterns that limit food, water supply and habitat. Again, a governing rule on planet earth is that something must die for something else to live. There is simply no way to scientifically refute this basic principle.

And yes, the fact remains that vegetarians are responsible for the death of animals when they buy their food from farmers who had to unfortunately kill animals that would otherwise devour their crops…or the countless animals that get destroy in planting and harvesting methods. I challenge you to talk with any farmer in America about this unfortunate reality…but again…you won’t.

In our discussion here, you have again and again and again refused to face objective facts, biological principles and proven scientific data. You have outright admitted that “regardless of what Jesus or the disciples did in the Bible”…you will do differently. You have abused Sacred Scripture by putting your own subjective twist and interpretations on things and continue to completely disregard any authoritative source on any of the subjects we have discussed. I have to admit, I’m quite stunned. I always knew that the “animal rights” philosophy and lifestyle was based on denial…but my God…I had no idea how deep the denial runs! Thank you though…it’s given me lots of food for thought for future writing projects, radio and TV work.

Sorry Frank and Mary…but we do not live in a Disney movie. I will continue to live and promote the ethics and principles that Jesus (God) taught by word and example…which includes the respectful, grateful harvesting of living creatures for food. I will continue to promote sound, reverent, scientific and spiritual based stewardship and conservation practices in caring for our earth and all of creation. I will also continue to reach out to those who are being deceived by the “cult of denial” which you unfortunately belong to and promote.

In the mean time, as long as you continue to flat out reject truckloads of empirical data from a variety of academic disciplines, I simply cannot waste any more of my time and energy with this conversation. Let us pray for one another.


Fr. Joe


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