Horse Slaughter: The Demise of Gentle Giants


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Horse Slaughter: The Demise of Gentle Giants
Comments by Susan - 13 Nov 2010

Dear Sara,

As Barbara advised, don't watch the video. People like you already know how animals suffer. We feel on a deeper level. We understand the innocence of these creatures.

I don't have answers. I question God all the time. I'm not ashamed to say that I have frequently had "sessions" with God where I've raised my fist to the sky and actually "cursed" Him. I'm' glad God is patient....and merciful. If He would have man's mind, I'd be a smoking cinder. He'd have zapped me or squashed me like an unwanted insect years ago. But God does not possess man's pitiful little mind. I say pitiful and little, because we don't look to God for every thought, for help with every aspect of our lives. If we did, we'd empower those pitiful, little minds....FOR GOOD!

We who are blessed with incredible compassion and a reverence for life are here for a very specific and important reason--to hold back Satan. Can you imagine what this world would be WITHOUT people who believe and feel like we do?

Darkness cannot exist in light. When you enter a dark room and turn on a light, the darkness instantly disappears. That is how it is with love and compassion. Callousness, indifference and hatred cannot thrive in an atmosphere of love.

It is our mission to speak to the hearts of people and awaken those feelings they either bury or have lost touch with. I always say to a person (many times horse people, too) who think that horse slaughter is a necessary evil that there is always a better way. We do not have to destroy in order to accommodate.

I frequently challenge people with this question...Do you think the world is a better place because of war? I have never, ever had a "yes" answer.

Then I ask, "Don't you think it's time that humanity took stock and realized that destroying life, the environment and other living beings doesn't make us free, or strong, or more blessed?

We can do better and there are people who ARE doing better. We have to learn to turn our pain into action. If we allow anger to control us, we will remain frozen and unable to move forward positively.

Recently, a good friend of mine headed up the ballot initiative campaign for HSUS to crack down on puppy mill abuse in Missouri, a state known as the "puppy mill capital" of the U.S. The opposition to this ballot initiative was intense--from the Missouri Farm Bureau to the highly exalted "savior" of American politics--The Tea Party Movement. Yet, when the ballots began coming in from urban areas of the state, the YES votes began climbing steadily. In the end, the voice of compassion overcame indifference. It didn't come without a tremendous effort. No cause that is worthy ever does. But compassion won!

I ask myself how a human being could be a part of horse slaughter, or animal experimentation, or puppy milling, or any activity that exploits and subjects helpless, voiceless beings to senseless pain and suffering? All I can reason is that these people are suffering, too, from a lack of being loved and truly cared for. No person who is loved and loves, can be so callous.

It's sounds incredibly simplistic but love is the answer to every single problem in our world. There is nothing more powerful. Nothing.

God....IS love!

I don't know this verse word for word, but it is to me one of the most powerful verses in the Bible. "If My people, who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, I will hear their pleadings, and will "heal" their land." If we were serious about God and prayer, we would come together as a people, all over the world, kneel down, and pray, the results would defy human explanation. The world would change.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I know that... yet I'm human and get caught up in the world. That's our struggle. We get too caught up in the world.

In the words of Sir Winston Churchill...Never give up. Never give up. Never, never, never give up!

May God bring strength to you, comfort to your aching heart, and vision to see through the clouds.

With the love of Jesus,

~ a voice for the voiceless ~