Living in Joy in an often Joyless World


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Living in Joy in an often Joyless World

Comments by Heidi - 28 Jan 2006

I read Frank and Mary's recent sermon on joy, which was coincidently timely for me as I've been wondering this week how one lives in joy in such a hateful, unkind world.

I mean I've found it virtually impossible not to be demoralized by the cruelty and exploitation we humans increasingly enact upon animals and the powerless of this earth.

Even on this list serv, it seems that many of us seem overwhelmed and regularly saddened by our barbaric, ungodly world. So I've been wondering what y'all do, in very practical terms, to live day to day in the "joy of the Lord."

If one of the fruits of the Spirit is joy, and by that fruit the world will know we belong to God, and if Jesus is truly transformative, then how can we not be joy-full? But I'm not; and it seems that for every step the world takes toward compassion, it takes 5 steps backwards, and it's so hard not to focus on those backward and cruel steps.

There's a saying out there in the universe that we become what we believe/what we focus on/what we think; if that's true, then I'm on my way to becoming just a bleak, dark, empty, shell who only can see the ugliness and who can no longer find comfort in the little glimpses of hope and kindness.

There are a lot of wise people who contribute to this list (people who are wise in very practical ways, not just in the abstract), so if anyone is willing to share how they keep their lives centered in joy instead of in the cruelty, I'd love to hear it.


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Living in Joy in an often Joyless World
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