Living in Joy in an often Joyless World


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Living in Joy in an often Joyless World
Comments by Bron - 30 Jan 2006

One more thing that I do, which keeps my joy tank full <g> is to utilize another of my gifts for others. I play the piano, and I often make tapes of myself playing to give to those who are down, sad, shut-in, just needing a little boost. I play hymns and also light classical, oldies, Jim Brickman...LOL. So I can tailor the music to the person's need or desire.

Heidi, you might not have the gifts I do, but I am confident if you look about to see what in your talent pantry you might use to bless others, you will find at least one thing that will be such a blessing to folks--and to yourself in the way of joy.



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Living in Joy in an often Joyless World
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