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Comments by Ramona - 24 Jan 2009

In Reference to: Letter to General Robert Milstead Concerning Marines' Disgraceful Behavior - 7 Mar 2008

Thank you for that letter. It certainly is a lot nicer than a letter I would have written. I have just today become aware of this terrible crime. I am a frequent visitor of the Care 2 Petition Site and always sign petitions I care about. I never did see this one, however.

I am an animal lover and am horrified of all the animal abuse stories I hear about. I almost don't even want to visit these sites because I become ill and sick to my stomach, but I do know it is necessary to sign petitions. I know it helps because I recently read the story about Ratchet, a dog rescued by a soldier named Gwen. From all the signatures and awareness, she was able to bring him home. I signed that petition and am pleased there are soldiers who care about the animal welfare. I support the Baghdad Pups who helps these soldiers be able to bring home their beloved pets. But these Marines commented a horrible crime and should be held accountable, not just disciplined. They all should go to jail for a lifetime.

The Care 2 Petition Site has good causes to support. I today signed a petition for Michael Vick not to play football. He should be in jail for his life. There is another story about, I believe, two men in Australia who hacked a puppy and tortured him to death. They put all the torture on tape. The puppy's owners are very distraught. I signed the petition for strong action taken against them.

I do not understand why animal abusers are treated like they did nothing at all. It is a crime and should treated as such.

I would like to be kept informed about what happenes to David Motari and his buddies. I wish I had not seen the video. I cried and could not control myself. It made me sick.

Thank you for taking action about this horrible crime.


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