Maligning and Denigrating Animals

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Maligning and Denigrating Animals
Comments by Sparrow R. Jones - 6 Aug 2007

I can understand it because of what I have come to associate with the word, despite being one myself. When I go searching for vegan recipes or vegan cookbooks or vegan social gatherings, I encounter a lot of angry people. Even though they are not angry at me, I often find it off-putting. I meet a lot of younger, "punk rock" vegans who have gotten so swept up in the anger that it would be easy to forget that veganism is a peaceful lifestyle.

I see a lot of cursing among vegan people. I'm used to hearing curse words but I don't enjoy them and some groups of vegan people swear like sailors.

I see a lot of non-animal politics tied to veganism, some of which I disagree with. I see a lot of pressure for people to accept that "vegan" means a whole political and religious package, not just abstaining from animal products.

And speaking of religion, I've encountered a lot of heavily anti-Christian attitudes in many vegan social circles. I've seen some very hurtful things said about Christians that make me want to go away and make up my own recipes rather than trying to learn from a group of people who hate what I love.

So there can be a lot of "baggage" tied to the word vegan that I see less of tied to the word vegetarian. When the baggage is enough to make another vegan feel uncomfortable, I can only imagine how a meat-eater must feel when they first encounter vegans.

I don't mean by this post to insult other vegans here or elsewhere. When I speak of what I see in vegan social circles and vegan communities, of course I am not saying that *everyone* acts that way. But I have encountered enough people saying and doing these things very loudly and prominently to feel put off. With the exception of the Christian vegans here, I no longer socialize with vegan groups because I so often feel uncomfortable and unwanted because I can't/won't fit the political/religious/social mold.


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