Maligning and Denigrating Animals

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Maligning and Denigrating Animals
Comments by Vegan - 6 Aug 2007


This is what I experience all the time - even from Vegetarians (for whatever reason they choose to be vegetarian), it seems so that the term vegan has become dirty or a reason for alarm, offensive to the general public (including vegetarians) I meet day to day. Which is extremely disheartening, especially since I expect vegetarians to be more on the same wave-length. As soon as I mention the word vegan - or the fact that I do not consume any animal products (even before giving the reason) it's like I strike a chord - all of a sudden I am dealing with a hostile/on-guard/angry person when I was just interested in having a casual heart-to-heart with them a moment ago. Really disturbing!!!

I usually ignore it. I know eventually they will look back on the incidence and take my words with heart. I usually bump into the people again and they seem a little more open (I feel based on the fact that I did not react in the same way that they did) so they they think about it (I sometimes even get more questions from them concerning the issues-even a couple of people considering the benefits and possibilities of practicing a similar diet or way of life).

One thing to remember - People are way too sensitive!! You may be harping on a note or guilt that you have no idea that you are, so the best thing to do is stay calm, change the mood even; more than likely you will have the opportunity to show them in every day life that your veiws are quite rational, even if you just plant a seed in their minds that they may not have had before. I still don't understand the hostility towards the word Vegan!!!!!!! Weird?

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