Maligning and Denigrating Animals

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Maligning and Denigrating Animals
Comments by Vegan - 7 Aug 2007

You have got a valid point! There are different personalities in every "group", many that do not fit the so-called mold: Angry Christians, Peaceful Anarchists and so on. If we all try to get along despite our differences we will definitely be more productive.

I admit I am a bit sheltered and do not socialize much, but yes a friend who is not vegan-but recognizes our day to day misuse of animals as deplorable, once pointed out to me the number of angry/hostile youths identifying themselves as vegans (and of course they are getting a lot more attention than the vegans who are less hostile) as a possibility to some of the negative reactions I receive from people who take aback when I mention that I do not consume animal products.

I personally encounter more Hippy-like, older vegans than any other group, so I am still trying to grasp the whole concept: "Young, Angry and Vegan!" (kinda creeps me out) I do believe vegans have long existed before this new, younger generation and deserve a lot of credit, especially in representing what veganism is all about. And of course Christians deserve the utmost credits with supporting the epitome of Gods original and ideal plan for civilization-of course-the encompassing of the values in veganism.---

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