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Loving Nature

To us, a person cannot fully love God unless he or she also loves God's creation:

whether it's expressed in the form of Mary's painting at the top of the page, or in Carol Vito's photo of this winter wonderland,

or through the gentle beauty of this mother and child drinking water,

or the beauty of this spotted touch-me-not,

or through this cat and rat who prove that Isaiah's prophecy of a peaceable kingdom (11:6-9) is a reality,

or through this peaceful encounter with a mouse in a tree.

Comments by Brett A. Bradley - 12 Jan 2003

Just because I don't see how they can reconcile the inconsistencies doesn't mean I'm proclaiming them unethical.  When I referred to "ethical people" I specifically meant people who give thought to the ethicality of their actions and beliefs.

BTW, I'm right here. No need to refer to me in the 3rd person.

Your speculations about what I want seem rather unwarranted. Perhaps I can clarify for you what I see as unethical.  I don't, for example, see it as unethical to discipline one's children.  However, eternally punishing your child for any infraction seems a little over the top, and highly UNethical.


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Watercolor painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art
Left panel photos from Works of the Creator with enlargements

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