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Loving Nature

To us, a person cannot fully love God unless he or she also loves God's creation:

whether it's expressed in the form of Mary's painting at the top of the page, or in Carol Vito's photo of this winter wonderland,

or through the gentle beauty of this mother and child drinking water,

or the beauty of this spotted touch-me-not,

or through this cat and rat who prove that Isaiah's prophecy of a peaceable kingdom (11:6-9) is a reality,

or through this peaceful encounter with a mouse in a tree.

Comments by Maynard S. Clark - 12 Jan 2003

First, Noah:*

We're told in the text that Noah and family and 2x2 or the bigger groups rode, zenlike, aloft the rising floods to survive.

We, now, have species-mates asking to undo the nonhuman-animal then human-animal genetic code to "repair" what feeds back to our species from our species' degrading actions have done to our ecosystem (sure, some of that is sporadic, genetic, and precedes ecological damage and thus harm to us).

It's a presumably "liberal" "moral" claim that we ought to give a green light go-ahead to such dramatic visions, while talks of primary prevention (not merely secondary prevention or early intervention) are considered unrealistic (whether in pregnancy -- and abortion -- prevention or prevention of heart disease, cancer, and stroke) because, we're told by such "advocates" "they won't follow the good advice."

Reminds me of one student radical** during the 1960's who traveled around the USA urging students to build a vision (with which we could build a society) for the kinds of people we are, not the kinds of people we're told we ought to be.

That vision seems realistic at one level, but we also have studies, rational analysis, and more. And any system of thinking, religious OR otherwise, which cannot provide a systematic world-and-life view of all the areas they seek to address is intellectually very poor, perhaps even bordering on intellectual bankruptcy in an era which is savvy enough to tackle issues of logical consistency head-on.


*I should know because; throughout my later college years, I had a dog named Noah, in part because I was 'psyched' by the imagery of the Biblical narrative.

**(I forget his name, but I might recall it as soon as I fire off this e-mail - Abbie Hoffman, maybe, of Steal This Book fame?)

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