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Comments by Michael Budkie - 2 Mar 2008

In Reference to: 10 March 1991 - WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO TAKE VENGEANCE?

I think that this sermon is extremely appropriate right now. Not because of war, but because of the actions of some activists that seem to be taking vengeance into their own hands.

Every day I read information about animals in laboratories. Rabbits with 4 inch skin lesions, monkeys deprived of water, confined to restraint chairs, dying of infections -- all of this inflicted by humans.

There is a veritable river of blood flowing out of laboratories in the U.S. It is enough to overwhelm anyone. I can understand how individuals become so overburdened that they simply cannot act. The level of our inhumanity towards other species is dumbfounding.

How do you react to this? Personally, I try very hard to not become too depressed or negative. I sometimes feel as though I am surrounded by the corpses of thousands of non-human primates. They are dying every minute of every day. And I read about the suffering and deaths of thousands of them

But this is not the reason for this email. I am seriously concerned about the rhetoric of a few animal activists who have somehow found it possible to philosophically justify the concept of killing those people who perform animal research. While I am not convinced of their authenticity, there have even been a few incidents in California that seem to be cases where activists have tried to harm and/or kill vivisectors. I question the validity of these incidents, because it is extremely convenient that these incidents have taken place so close to people who espouse violence. I am not convinced that these incidents were not staged to damage the credibility of the movement.

Be that as it may, if these incidents are not genuine, the rhetoric of some people is cause for serious concern. If the incidents that have taken place were indeed staged, if may be just a matter of time before a true incident takes place. And, it may also be just a matter of time before someone is killed. If these incidents were not staged, then that time has already come.

I can understand the feelings of people who are angry. The government not only funds these abuses, but fails miserably to even make these individuals and institutions follow the extremely minimal laws that do exist.

I can understand the frustration, however I cannot accept the direction in which it is taking people. But I feel powerless to stop it. And, it effects what I do. It makes my work much more difficult.

Laboratories are now using the safety of their staff as justification for withholding documents that they should legally be required to surrender. We will likely have to sue to obtain that which we are legally allowed to receive.

And the word terrorist is being bandied about as though everyone that cares for animals hates people and carries a Molotov cocktail in their pocket.

I am sometimes just as frustrated by people in this movement as I am by those who refuse to enforce the laws that are supposed to protect animals. Between those who advocate killing people, to the large organizations who seem to be much more focused on fundraising than on really acting; those organizations who are so afraid of being sued that they refuse to act.

But I am concerned that those who advocate violence will have effects that we cannot even predict.

And I don't know how to stop it.

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