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Comments by Charles - 13 Apr 2008

In Reference to: 13 April 2008 - When Is a Church Not a Church?

Hi Mary,

My guess is that _everyone_ on this list is in the same situation as you, as far as finding a congregation that predominately accepts the views of vegans.

I know from what others have said and from my own experience, though, that our words and examples can make a difference in changing other people, even if they appear to initially reject our ideas about the implications of Jesusí teachings that apply to our relationship with other beings.

Iím teaching Sunday school this spring. Our topic this morning was Jesusí lessons of compassion and justice. I used the opportunity to show the first five or six minutes of the CVAís DVD ďHonoring Godís CreationĒ Ė to demonstrate how the Christian message of non-violence may be easy to accept in our heads but nonetheless difficult to implement Ė even in our own personal, everyday actions and decisions. (As you may know, Frank Hoffman, whose post you replied to, appears in the film, as does this listís moderator, Steve Kaufman.)

The normally boisterous class was quiet afterwards. Their faces revealed inner reflection. A chord was struck, and I moved on to other parts of the lesson.

This is an excellent work, and I recommend to everyone that you make it available to members of your congregations when possible. Itís not a treatise on the meaning of Bible verse, which as your (Mary's) experience indicates, people can debate endlessly. Itís an appeal to the heart, and thatís where this cause will be won.


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