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Our Sermon Section
By James - 26 Aug 2012

In Reference to: 26 August 2012 - Hardness of Heart in the Churches

I support and admire Barb, Frank, Elaine & all who stand for animals' right to life for they also have the same breath of life from Our Loving Creator as we have & they suffer pain and emotional stress when their young are taken away from them shortly after birth.

The most terrible barbarity is used in slaughter houses and the children of animals are also butchered without pity to satisfy the meat cannibals.

One ought to understand that those so called Christian churches have really nothing to do with The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who did not come to set up another religion of exterior pastors and  others to lord over people. Jesus came  to call one to the inner life of The Free Spirit of God within each and every true follower.

Jerome who made the Latin Bible was not allowed to mention that all first original Christians were Vegetarians and Jesus forbid killing animals and eating them. Later Jerome in a letter deplored that many Christians were eating meat which Jesus forbid.

Jesus of  Nazareth was Peaceful and gentle and preached The Love of The Heavenly Father in the sermon on the Mountain & to do to others what one would like to be done to oneself and He upheld the ten Commandments.

God always spoke through the prophets who also condemned animal sacrifices like Isaiah who said killing an ox was the same as killing a man. No wonder the priest cult hated and killed prophets sent by God and finally God came in the person of Jesus whom they rejected as well & put Him on a brutal cross. God Himself never set up religion but man did. The priest cult of Baal emerged as a fake Christianity with Constantine who didn't give up his meat eating habits & some of the still loyal vegetarian Christians who refused to obey the new ways of meat eating were killed themselves & even Popes considered Vegetarians as "godless heretics who would be damned in Hell's Fire  forever"!!!

The present Pope Ratzinger prays to the so called "Saint Augustine "who declared animals had no souls and ought to be killed for man & this monster added it was "Gods Will" This evil Augustine was  mainly responsible for the so called churches continuing even to-day to support animal slaughter.

The fifth Commandment says "Thou shalt not kill" and that includes all forms of life. Killing is against God's Loving Nature and when those so called churches advocate animal killing they are doing it against God Himself. Look at the results of those churches. The Roman Harlot burned women at the stake who made herbal mixtures for illnesses as witches!! Luther was no better and he burned Baptists and other women at the stake just as the Pope did. Each cursed each other with burning in Hell!!!

Dear friends don't worry about the so called exterior manmade churches, but retire to your room a few minutes each day or go out in nature and pray to Our Heavenly Father in the Lord's Prayer slowly thinking over the true meaning of this great prayer taught by Jesus. Realise That Jesus is within your very soul and that you are a Temple of The Holy Free Spirit of God. You have no need of a church outside or pastors saying you have to come through them to reach God!! You have Jesus inside your soul who is The Way to Our Heavenly Father and is The Truth (God in person) and the Life of God within  ones soul.

The Lord's Blessings shower upon you Elaine and on dear Barb and Brother Frank & Mary. Be Happy Rejoice in The Lord and keep up the protest against animal murder. Meat also is a killer for the meat eaters as many die from it in various illnesses.