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Our subjects cover: animals, religion (Christian, Jewish and others); diet and lifestyle (vegan and vegetarian); and other miscellaneous subjects.

Our Sermon Section
By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 31 Dec 2012

In Reference to: 30 December 2012 - What Are Our New Year’s Resolutions?

Dear Doris:
Thank you very much for your comments. We know exactly how you feel.
Every day we pray for God to intervene and end all the corruption, suffering and warring madness in the world, or to come now.
Every time we pray like this or think about it as we are now, we hear God telling us that He gave us humans stewardship of the earth. And, God does usually work through or with humans with almost everything He has done on earth since the creation.
We also remember that the same hardness of heart that is in the world today, crucified Jesus, and killed the prophets before Him.
Together we need to do everything in our power to inform and prod the clergy and public to be more compassionate, a large part of which is being a credible witness.
Hang in there with us. The animals need us.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary