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Our Sermon Section
By James Thompson - 25 Mar 2013

In Reference to: 24 March 2013 - Where is the True Jesus Christ?

What a truly brilliant sermon for Palm Sunday and the beginning of holy week!  Yes in++deed, so much emphasis amongst evangelical Christians about the need 'to be saved1. Yes, and very necessary too! But when the fruits of being 'born again' amongst so very many, lacks the compassion and empathy for animals, then it becomes in my mind no more than bubble and froth. Yes, plenty of clanging cymbals amongst today's born again. Yes, but totally lacking in empathy and concern for animals horrendously exploited.

Indeed, from such shallowness and myopic compassion may the Good Lord deliver us. But then, was it not the same as regards slavery and the abuse of the Negroes in the time of Wilberforce, yes, and Wesley? Indeed, bishops had vested interests in it and even George Whitfield condoned it! Admittedly, isolated texts can be rooted out to condone almost anything, but then there is surely an evolving form of progression in Scripture where, for one example, the practice of one age is superseded by a more relevant and fuller revelation in the next. For example, 'you have heard it said, but I say un to you!'

Thank you Frank for your wholehearted dedication for the animals.  I'm cheesed off with so many of the arrogant Saved lot saying: 'Brother Thompson, do not get side tracked by the animal cause. Just get people saved and they will then care for animals'. Well, what poppycock! Most of them are only concerned about assuring themselves further that they are amongst the human elect. Indeed, most of My humble efforts shrink in to insignificance alongside of you.

God grant all power to your pen.
James (& Doreen) in the UK
Animal Padre's Christians Against All Animal Abuse