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By Dana Albers - 28 Jun 2015

In Reference to: 28 June 2015 - Jesus Please Stop Animal Suffering

Hi Frank and Mary,

It has been awhile, but we have conversed in the past.  God has been cycling you through my mind for some weeks now, so after reading your sermon today, finally decided to respond. I understand that this is long; just read when you get the time!

My purpose for writing is two-fold:

1) If you have time, I would like to dialogue with you about some questions I have about the sacrificial system so prevalent in the Bible, particularly in the Old Testament. Specifically, I am wondering about God's evident approval? acquiescence? willingness to be involved in such a system? I have wondered for some time now if this was His preferred and anointed method of bringing about His salvific plan via Jesus, or if it was the way that He was willing to work, even though horrific, because it was the way that people at the time could relate, as it was similar to established customs at the time (i.e., similar to His willingness to work with the patriarchs who had multiple wives, even though God's best desire in the beginning was one man/one woman.)

2) My daughter has wandered from the faith. Specifically, she said, 'I am done with God'. She was always seemingly strong in her faith, and is very compassionate toward unborn babies and animals. She is vegan and outspoken about it. I am not totally sure where and when her spiritual 'wandering' started (as she does not want to talk about it), but both my husband and I think that it has something to do with animal suffering, perhaps an abhorrence to what she has seen in the Bible about animal sacrifice. She did a speech/paper in a college philosophy class about animal suffering and I know that she viewed some horrific stuff. Along with this, I am wondering if she blames God for either approving and/or not stopping the sacrifices and suffering for so many years?...all wonderings that I have even had myself!

When I read this sermon today, I felt the gentle whisper, once again, from the Holy Spirit, to contact you. As many close Christian friends that I have, and as strong of a Christian that I am, I oftentimes feel very alone in my passion toward God's creatures, and extremely frustrated with the seemingly 'deadened' and 'slumbering' attitudes that my fellow believers have towards animals and their suffering. And of course, feel unprepared to address what I feel are the contributing factors that have led to my daughter's stray from God.

I have felt, for some time, that the Holy Spirit is nudging me to speak up more, to act on my convictions. I just feel 'unarmed' at this point and would like to become more knowledgeable and prepared to do so about Scriptural meaning and intent with regards to animals, sacrifice and God's involvement in it. I have also had for some time, in the the back of my mind, this: if there was any Christian that my daughter might feel comfortable hearing, it would be you....

I am wondering if you would be willing to dialogue, give me direction, input and insight in regards to my questions? If you are too busy to do so, I understand.  I am just following up on and being obedient to a prompting that I have had for awhile now; I trust that God will lead you in however you feel is the right way to respond to me!

Thank you for all your work! Oftentimes ministerial work goes unappreciated or acknowledged. But you have touched my life countless times with your very Biblically-directed and inspired sermons, and I am sure, many others also.

God bless you both, and I will wait to hear back from you. :)

In Jesus,

Dana Albers

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