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By Janine - 24 Sep 2015

In Reference to: 30 August 2015 - Heavenly Love Fulfills Our Faith

Dear Frank,

Having difficulty relocating your wonderful previously sent email to me, for I haven't yet completed preparing talk for BatMitzvah and starting to get nervous running out of time, would you kindly look and re-send if you still have it in the area of your old sent messages, on your email system, or perhaps you remember approximately, from Isaiah, without looking for it again? Thanks so much! Wish I were close enough in distance to be able to have you present at this event! If you know anyone you'd like me to invite who can come, please let them know. I am not sure how many people on your list are from the Los Angeles County area in California, or who might be visiting relatives and are in this area Oct. 10th, 2015, and should I compose an invitation for those interested? Everyone's most welcome!!! Blessings,

Hugs, smiles, and laughter,


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