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By Janine - 3 Sep 2018

In Reference to: 2 September 2018 - Human Doctrines Harm Creation

Dear Frank,

I'd like to thank you for your touching sermon. In particular, I liked your statement that:

<< Human doctrines harm creation, but the peacemaking children of God help free creation from its present corruption. >>

I recently took the time to listen to a short video that I'm providing you the link to:


 ... with the following thought, that perhaps what the speaker indicated, has a positive uplifting message and that the greater the number of people who hear it, the better, just as you wrote in your sermon, that the peacemaking children of G-d help free creation from its present corruption and when we realize we have the power by not buying food from animal sources, we make this connection not to harm creation, and was wondering what do you think of his video, Frank? Would you post it for others to watch, too?



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