Sharing the Pain


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Sharing the Pain
By Elaine - 2 Mar 2011

But its not God perpetrating the cruelty, we must differentiate that.

PEOPLE are the ones who are cruel and wicked. Imagine how a Holy, Loving, Righteous God must feel as HE witnesses the evil? It has to break His heart too. Yet, in His mercy, He does not wipe us all out, though in the Scriptures, we know that many times He has expressed sorrow for creating man due to mankind's propensity for wickedness and evil.

By Faith, I know that someday, God will make things right. He is the great avenger of the oppressed, He is not asleep, someday, we will answer for our deeds and judgement and punishment will be meeted out to those who are not His children by faith in Christ's blood.

Remember how the world treated our Saviour? It is no wonder they can commit such heinous cruelty. Pray for the day when it will be over, that is how I cope, knowing someday it will be no more. No more killing, no more cruelty, no more suffering or death. Living in peace with all creation and the Creator in a new heaven and earth, gives me great hope. Though my eyes do not see it, I have faith that it will be one day.

As a person who rescues and lives with pigs, this really, really breaks my heart because I know how sensitive those animals are and how precious they are. If my feeble heart can see it, I know God loves them even more. I can't help but think that there will be a special place in heaven for these animals who have suffered so in this life.

Another thing to think on, this life is but a moment in time. Eternity is forever, our minds can't even comprehend it.