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Ecclesiastes 3:19-21: A View of the Souls and Spirits of Humans and Animals


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Ecclesiastes 3:19-21: A View of the Souls and Spirits of Humans and Animals
By Denise - 15 Oct 2012

My only issue with this (vegetarian) interpretation; is that it Indirectly affords certain survivalist's rights to animals, and not to "man".  Basically, an animal would be endowed with the right to hunt and kill for sustenance due to their nature, but not man.  I believe that man is allowed to kill and eat other forms of animals, but this allowance must be measured against what is reasonable.  "What is reasonable" is obviously open for a wide range of debates.  I would only state the very plain fact that the Jesus clearly forbade ANY ACT of malice.  This to me would imply that maliciously kicking a person is as evil as maliciously kicking an animal.  In fact, the only thing that God allows us to hate; is the sinful act, but not the sinner.   

Some would argue that there are individuals that only kill animals for a living, and therefore are indifferent to the act.  I would say that indifference is as wrong as contempt.  I know this from personal experience; because I have some indifference/apathy in my heart, and I know that to be wrong at the very core of my being. 

In a nutshell; I am a firm animal (insects, etc) lover.  I have all ways loved animals, and I constantly explain to people who turn their nose at certain species (i.e. bugs, non-cuddly animals, etc), why I treat all creatures with compassion; "because if I don't, who will?"