The Time of Creation


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The Time of Creation
Comments by Frank Reddy - 14 Jan 2007

In reference to the Book: The Time of Creation

I read your article on Genesis 1:3-5 and disagree with your conclusion that Genesis days equal 24 hours. Separating light in that fashion you mentioned would only separate light from the Sun not God. (God is everywhere) Beside nobody truly know what that light is, saying it God is like saying God created his face on the First day and God has all ways been even his face. The Bible says that the evidence of God is in his creation so science has meaning in Genesis days. If the light is the Big Bang then that how long days are because Genesis day are measured by that light not the rotation of the earth (separate events). Light could have been sent to the earth in waves so the earth had billions of years of light for each day. We shouldn’t speculate on Genesis 24 hour days or that Genesis day’s mean era because it’s false doctrine. But we should say length of Genesis day’s are contingent on the light in Genesis 1:3