War: Can it be Justified?

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War: Can it be Justified?
Comments by Steve Shi - 1 Feb 2008

I also noted in one of your sermons you refer approvingly to such people as Pete Seeger and Joan Baez. I am interested in how you reconcile their admitted un-Christian beliefs with the Christian faith. I understand that we are to love all people regardless of their Christianity but does this include using them as positive refere3nces in a spiritual context?

�I feel most spiritual when I�m out in the woods. I feel part of nature. Or looking up at the stars. [I used to say] I was an atheist. Now I say, it�s all according to your definition of God. According to my definition of God, I�m not an atheist. Because I think God is everything. Whenever I open my eyes I�m looking at God. Whenever I�m listening to something I�m listening to God.�

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