Whose Life Is More Important?

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Whose Life Is More Important?
Comments by Dana - 1 Jul 2009

I don't comfortably think about my furry little buddy in this kind of a situation, it is hypothetical and not realistic, plus its anxiety/fear based...that being said, it is reasonable to contemplate our devotion to those we love and to what ends we will extend that devotion.

First of all, Jesus died for people, not dogs. or any animals. somehow the soul/sin equation gets mixed up in there - animals are not held accountable for errors of their ways as God made them different - more instinctual as opposed to exercising free will. Humans were made with free will to either reject or receive God.

No matter what a human being might turn into (Hitler, Mother Teresa, etc.), it is not our place to determine the value of that person's life - Jesus already showed what He valued because he died for that person. It is up to Him to work in that person's heart, not our job to decide the what ifs or what that person might turn out to be relative to whether or not we would save them. we are not God, but as Christians we need to act as Jesus would - and that was to sacrifice His life for human beings.

Back to the animals - we are very much going to be held responsible for how we treat them - I believe that this will be part of the works on which we will be judged. The animals, on the other hand, will not be held responsible for their actions as God made them to be responders to us and again, instinctual in their responses. the Bible says that all creation 'groans and travails together' until Jesus returns - to me, this extends to our animal friends who are suffering as a result of mankind's sin.

If you would rescue the human rather than the animal, then that animal will go to where God would have it to go. If you did not rescue the human, though, then you would be held responsible for your choice in that you would have made a 'godlike' decision to determine the value of that human's life - which you would have deemed not as important as an animal's. It is God's place to give and take human life.


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