Whose Life Is More Important?

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Whose Life Is More Important?
Comments by Bramble - 2 Jul 2009

The people who do this are deliberately pitting animals "against" humans. What they fail to recognize is that it's not an "us or them" situation... they don't see that all living things are connected. I get this all the time among my catholic friends. "You care more about animals than the unborn." Nonsense. I don't have to choose. The human heart is big enough to care about them all. If I started eating meat tomorrow and stopped caring about my dog, not one human would be saved.

What I've learned about compassion is that if you withhold it from certain people or certain living things and are stingy about it, you have less of it. The more compassion you have, the more you get. People need to stop coming up with these awful scenarios about what they would choose to save if there were a catastrophe and think about what they can save every day.

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