Whose Life Is More Important?

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Whose Life Is More Important?
Comments by Janice - 2 Jul 2009

Thank you Steve for the insightful comparisons. Nothing in our faith walk is totally black and white. All decisions have many variables to consider and they do represent our values and faith as you mentioned at God's Creatures Ministry's conference in 2006 ("Christian Concern For All God's Creatures" which can be seen online). Everything is a faith decision.

God looks on our hearts. I like to think of Numbers 11:31-35 showing that God considered the Israelites wanting quail (and not just the manna He provided) as greed which ended in their deaths.

BTW, on America's God Talent, Kevin, a contestant, with a good voice was/is a chicken catcher. He talked about it a little saying that in one day 70,000 chickens were 'caught' with some others -- probably to be thrown into a truck for slaughter. The audience laughed and the judges seemed amazed. It can also be seen online and comments can be given.


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