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Andrew Pell - Maroubra, New South Wales, Australia

Andrew PellLet me start by giving you a quote of mine.

"To be kind is to be courageous
To be great is to be compassionate
To have love and reverence for all life including animals wild and domestic is to fully understand the purpose and divine nature of God"

My whole life has been filled with love and compassion for animals. We grew up with a cat that was like part of the family.

When the cat died, we all felt enormous grief. When we were sad, the cat would jump on our lap and try to cheer us up. It has been proven that cats are very empathic to us humans.

It was recently quoted in an Australian Newspaper there is a revision process going on in anthropological studies about the earliest cats on our planet. Rather than man adopting wild cats and taming them. They have now been able to prove that cats came out of the woods and to the startled settlers befriended the humans.

My first introduction to a suffering animal is when I was walking with my Father. I was only 4. A dog got run over in front of our house and was left there, bleeding. I couldn't understand why people were not doing anything. I wanted to go to the dog and pat it, to comfort him, but my father wouldn't let me as any loving Father would protect a child from a dog that is injured. That remained in my mind.

When I was twelve, I remember that I had a very powerful emotional dream. A dream of Total love for everyone. Years later I was able to work out the dream that my life will be devoted to Service. I do this in poetry which you kindly place on your website. An in the Theology of Music.

My poems are positive and if people can have enough faith in themselves, they can soar high like an eagle and to accomplish great things, not for personal gain, but for Service and Sacrifice. God has giving us all varying types of gifts. It is up to us to recognise that the gifts do come from God and we are to share them with all our brothers and Sisters and to treat animals lovingly and reverently. This is what I believe God desires from each and everyone of us. They are his creation as well.

I hope this commentary gives you an insight into why I write like I do.

Thank you for allowing me to be able to share this with you. Here is a Short Story and meditation

Short Story and Meditation.

The little Star who was so sad.

Far away in a distant galaxy there lived a little star that was so very sad. He thought he was all- alone and that nobody cared. He cried quite often. The tears extinguished his light.

Then one day a comet flew by and almost crashed into the little star, because the little star gave no light.

The comet stopped to talk to the little star and asked “Why are you so sad”?

The little star replied. “Because I am all alone”. The comet told him to look up instead of looking down.

The little star looked up and saw myriads of stars shining so bright.

The little star was so happy he stopped crying and shone so bright so that the other stars could see him.

He now had many friends to enjoy eternity with.

The comet and the little star parted friends as well. Whenever the comet was in that part of the galaxy he would always visit his little friend.

The little star realized he had many friends watching over him. He cried no more and shone brightly in the heavens.

The little star lived happily ever after.


Look up and say. I see all the wonderful abundance shining so bright above me and around me. I give thanks for this abundance. Say at least 3 times throughout the day.

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