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Having Fun - 28 Feb 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

Something that we have been doing for fun, or just out of curiosity, for many years is starting plants from fruit seeds or, in the case of pineapples, the discarded green top. These are grown indoors as houseplants in pots or in a large planter.

We have a couple of very old trees grown from avocado seeds. They have never produced blossoms, but they are decorative. Other seeds that have developed into plants are star fruit, date, papaya, kiwi, and citrus. Some do better than others.

After several years, the star fruit tree produced very small pinkish, blossom clusters. The white flowers that the papaya tree produces develop into very small papayas that fall after several days. Kiwi seeds produced a vine.

And this morning I was surprised to see that a potted pineapple top, which I’ve had for many years, has developed what appears to be a “baby” pineapple!

I am far from being very knowledgeable about such plants and, as I mentioned, we just have fun seeing what, if anything, develops. Starting plants from fruit seeds would be fun for children to try, too.  

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