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Comedy? – 17 July 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

For many years I’ve enjoyed watching an occasional situational comedy (sitcom) on TV. However, last Saturday on PBS (public broadcasting) there was a “comedy” so “sick” that I had to turn it off! First there was a Monty Python skit that featured a man trying to give a cat in a carrying case the flu by repeatedly blowing his breath on the cat. That was bad enough, but the next part was disgustingly vicious: The man swung the cat around and around in the air and threw it across the room.

This brought to mind a very traumatic time in our lives that I had managed not to think about for a while: Teenagers, from the neighborhood where we lived back then, had swung one of our cats who showed up at our door with his tail broken and dragging on the ground. The veterinarian had to amputate his tail.

This happened years ago when we were naïve and trusting, and would let our cats go outdoors. Eventually, we learned to keep our cats indoors. The result? They were happier, safer, and lived a lot longer.

We have noticed that there are too many “comedies” that border on sadism or that are flat out sadistic. Somehow, I expected a little better from PBS. Unfortunately, if anything, they appear to be getting more insensitive in their choices of programming. Perhaps it is time to stop donating money to this area’s public TV.

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