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Election Results – 8 November 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

In my Blog “Power Corrupts” of  24 October 2006* I mentioned the mailings I was receiving from politicians seeking votes for the 7 November election. On 6 November we received no less than four of those large glossy cards – three in the mail and one delivered to our home. One of them was an obvious attempt to arouse fear in parents of minors. I guess “fear tactics” and “smear tactics” are a last resort for politicians who haven’t much of a record to stand on.

The mailings, as well as the TV ads, of one particular candidate seeking re-election were so nasty that they made me want to support the person he was attacking. Well, I can only speculate that his expensive, negative campaign back-fired with other voters, too. The result: He lost to his opponent!

This has certainly been an “interesting” election, to put it mildly! It proves to me that we have a great form of government, and it makes me feel blessed to be an American. The Fathers of our country really got it right, and I am grateful for them.

*This is the “Power Corrupts” Blog of 24 October 2006:

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