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You Call This Journalism? – 20 May 2007
By Mary T. Hoffman

As expected, the much touted CNN program, aired over the weekend, about “poisoned food” was careful not to offend the enormously powerful flesh and dairy industries.

Contaminated food sickens thousands and kills 5,000 every year; yet the media downplay the source of the pathogens – farmed animal feces – and the “experts” steer clear of even suggesting that it’s time to do the obvious: eliminate the source – intensive farming practices.

Instead, CNN’s website offers (as expected) a couple of pathetic suggestions obviously favoring the powerful farmed animal industries. Here is one quotation that offers, in my opinion, “insult added to injury”:

“The meat industry has made a number of advances in protecting consumers against E. coli. One of those is feeding cattle the same bacteria found in yogurt, which helps eliminate E. coli in cattle feces.”

See what I mean? Anything to deny the truth and to prolong business as usual by applying “band-aid” remedies to a gigantic problem that can only get worse as factory farms spread around the world, along with their fecal contamination of water supplies and global warming methane production.

Here’s another quotation (offering yet another “band-aid”) from CNN’s website:

“A controversial method of reducing E. coli and other bacteria on food involves irradiating food with gamma rays, electron beams or X-rays. Irradiation at levels high enough to kill all bacteria has not been approved by the FDA.”

I’ll end this Blog with the following account of the laughable lettuce-washing lesson from CNN’s website: A scientist, in what appears to be a laboratory, shows how to wash a head of lettuce! Mind you – head lettuce – the least nutritious variety of lettuce!

This is really “keep the public dumb and entertained” journalism.

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