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Junk Science – 21 May 2007
By Mary T. Hoffman

Yesterday I read something about a study that reversed a previous study’s conclusion that lycopene found in tomatoes is beneficial in reducing the incidence of prostate cancer.

Over and over again, money and time are spent on research focusing on one nutrient. Why isolate a nutrient (like lycopene, for example) or why concentrate solely on the tomato-eating habits of subjects? What if the positive outcomes are the result of the subjects’ additional healthful habits, such as consuming fewer animal-derived products? Why not look at the “whole picture”?

Lycopene is being used here as an example. Doesn’t this remind you of what happened with beta-carotene? There are other “scientific studies” that also utilize synthetic nutrients in an isolated state not found in nature.

And let’s not forget the animals utilized and trashed in these fruitless endeavors that are just “junk science.”

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