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Fish Promotes Breast Cancer and Heart Disease – 28 December 2007
By Mary T. Hoffman

It is really shocking how much health-related misinformation is circulated among the public – serious misinformation that can have tragic consequences, such as heart damage, breast cancer, lower intelligence and learning problems.

Lately, fish is being touted as a “health food” when the opposite is true. After reading some really bad advice in a supermarket’s weekly health article, and then the same bad advice in – of all places! – the latest issue of The AARP Magazine, I decided to try to set the record straight. There is well-documented, scientific proof of the serious negative consequences of fish-eating. This is the opposite of what the public is led to believe.

Here are some excerpts from an article backed up by meticulously documented resources that I urge you to visit for more complete information (See below):

“A study published in the journal of the American Heart Association, for example, found that the half of the population studied that ate the most fish had over twice the risk of having a heart attack, and over twice the risk of dying from a heart attack.”

“The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that every year in the U.S. 300,000 children are born at risk for lower intelligence and learning problems due to mercury exposure because their mothers ate fish.”

“Because our bodies have no mechanism for getting rid of mercury, it continues to accumulate in our bodies throughout our lives.”

“The mercury-free source of omega 3's for our families should be two tablespoons a day of ground organic flax seeds.”

For the complete article with references, visit: 

(To be continued)

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