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Fish Promotes Breast Cancer and Heart Disease (Continued) – 29 December 2007
By Mary T. Hoffman

Yesterday I wrote about the irresponsible spread of seriously flawed information to the public concerning the eating of fish as beneficial to health when the opposite is true.

About the eating of fish and heart disease, Dr. John McDougall, M.D. in his article “Fish Can Cause You Heart Disease” states that:

“Environmental mercury is a major pollutant from industry. The toxic form, methylmercury, is accumulated and concentrated in the food chain.”

“Because fish are near the top of the food chain they have very high concentrations of this poison. At the very top of the food chain are fish-eating people (and, even higher up, their breast-feeding infants). Almost all of the mercury consumed is efficiently absorbed by our intestinal tract. Since our bodies have no way of excreting this toxin, mercury continues to accumulate throughout life, exerting its detrimental effects.”

“The problem is, mercury causes the blood to clot. Furthermore, the mercury is a powerful oxidant, producing free radicals, which damage your arteries. Fish muscle is inherently high in cholesterol, so eating it causes your blood cholesterol to rise.”

“…the least amount of environmental mercury is found in foods low on the food chain – a diet of starches, vegetables and fruits. This same diet is also proven to prevent heart attacks and reverse the underlying mechanisms causing heart attacks – atherosclerosis and thrombosis.”

For the entire article, including references, visit: 

(To be continued)

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