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Veganic Organic Farming – 11 December 2008
By Mary T. Hoffman

The latest issue of Vegetarian Voice magazine features an article titled “A Growing Phenomenon: Veganic Organic Farming.”

The following “Introduction to Veganics” from The Veganic Agriculture Network appears in the article:

“Veganic agriculture is an approach to growing food that encompasses a respect for animals, the environment, and human health. Also known as ‘stockfree’ ‘vegan organic’ and ‘plant-based,’ this is a form of agriculture that goes further than organic standards, by eliminating the use of products that are derived from confined animals.

“Organic farmers are currently permitted to use animal products as fertilizers, such as manure, blood meal, and bone meal, but these animal products are often obtained from intensive farms and slaughterhouses. Not only does large-scale animal farming have a heavy impact on the environment, most modern farm animals are kept in highly confined conditions and are exposed to a variety of contaminants. Veganic agriculture breaks the link between livestock operations and the production of organic plant-foods, by maintaining fertility using plant-based techniques.”

This is truly an “eye-opening, must read” article, especially for anyone who buys (or is thinking about buying) “organic” products! You’d be shocked to learn what the USDA Certified Organic farms are allowed to spread on their fields! Antibiotics, hormones, and growth regulators like arsenic that builds up in the animals’ bodies are also spread onto “organic” fields.

Veganic organic is definitely the way to go!

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