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Editorial: Why Do We Have to Call Ourselves Humane Religion?
March - April 2008 Issue

Why do we have to call ourselves Humane Religion? 

Why do we have to have the name Compassion Internet Church to describe our online ministry? 

Shouldn't every religious organization and church naturally be humane and compassionate?  From reading the Bible, one would think so; but for the most part, these organizations are neither loving, nor humane, nor compassionate, particularly when it comes to animals and those who care about them.  They may care about their family members, "pets", and perhaps some church members and a few others, but on the whole, their compassion is limited.

From the way that the vast majority of church members chow down on animal body parts and secretions, and flaunt their furs, they make it very obvious that they have little or no empathy.  This puts them at odds with the loving, compassionate, and peacemaking teachings of Jesus Christ.  It also makes them, in part or in whole, sociopathic.

This ungodly condition needs to end!

We have dedicated this issue of Humane Religion to this situation in the hope that it will help individuals and these organizations to reflect upon what they are doing, and the pain and suffering they are supporting and condoning.  We all need to become the loving, compassionate, and peacemaking children of God we are called to be, if we are ever going to have peace on earth.

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