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Letter from Ginger

I was browsing your website and would like to know where the interpretation about circumcision when God called Sarah & Abraham to mark a new beginning in human history. Circumcision was established by God as a sign of the need to diminish the power & scope of the male power principle with the goal of restoring a male/female balance in human affairs. Did this come from the Bible, if so what chapter and what verse? Or was this an interpretation of what may have taken place during that time? I'm taking a Bible Study Course and would like to understand this statement.


Reply From Frank Hoffman

Dear Ginger:

Since Regina is no longer with us, we can no longer ask her for an explanation, but we'll do our best to answer for her.

Circumcision was also a covenant between God and man that man had repented of his sins and bonded himself to God. And in Genesis 17:10 and following we see that Abraham complied with God's command. J. R.'s comments seem to stem from the Lord's blessing which came immediately in chapter 18. Abraham's earlier reluctance may have had several reasons, such as the avoidance of pain or his pride, but we believe it had to do with his pride because he was not fully ready, but once he complied the angels appeared and Sarah's womb was opened even in her advanced years.

We hope this helps, and feel free to write back.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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