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Letter from Gloria Brunette - 16 Aug 2015


Good evening:

I came across the gospel of Jesus. To tell you truly, I do not go to church.

In my prayer everyday, I was asking  my Lord to let me see Your truth. What must I do, please, as I long To follow His Holy Laws, as it is said in His words "Be ye Holy as I am Holy".

Let me know more about the Sabbath day please. I thank you, and may our Lord Jesus bless you. I long to hear from you.

From: Mrs Gloria Brunette
Quatre Bornes, Rep of Mauritius.

Response from Frank and Mary Hoffman - 17 Aug 2015

Dear Gloria:

Thank you for writing. 

The traditional Hebrew Sabbath day is Saturday, and the Christians celebrate the Lordís Day, Sunday, as the Sabbath, but according to Jesusí teachings we should celebrate every day as being holy to the Lord through the way we live (bringing the heavenly will of God to earth as it is in heaven).

We hope this helps.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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