Envigo Releasing 400 Beagles to Rescue Amid USDA Violations
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FROM SHARK Showing Animals Respect and Kindness
February 2022

On Friday, February 12, 2022, 150 beagles started the process with a total of 400 beagles to be released over the next few weeks.

In March 2017, SHARK flew our drone over an animal concentration facility AKA Covance Research Products facility in Cumberland, VA, see video here. Amidst the cries of the distressed, imprisoned dogs, is the deafening loud waste processing system, undoubtedly adding to the trauma the dogs are experiencing. In addition to beagles, Covance breeds and warehouses primates, guinea pigs, rabbits, and pigs.

Background info: Drone Films Dog Breeding Farm

In June 2019, SHARK again returned to Covance, now owned by Envigo, with our new hi-magnification drones and documented even more dire conditions the suffering beagles were subjected to.

Fortunately, the video went viral and caught the attention of the governor of Virginia and some legislators. In response, legislation was finally proposed to address this cruelty. While the legislation didn't pass, the issue received more attention and more legislation has been introduced to help the beagles.

In 2020, SHARK returned to Envigo to check on the status of 5,000+ tortured dogs and found the conditions even worse. See video here. After viewing our drone video of the feces-strewn, wire-fence pens overcrowded with yelping, distressed dogs, Senator Jennifer Boysko submitted a bill to outlaw such breeding facilities, which is still awaiting action.

After Envigo was cited for more animal welfare violations, see video here, Senator Bill Stanley announced that he was working to adopt out at least 400 beagles from Envigo, see video here. On Friday, February 12, 2022, 150 beagles started this process with a total of 400 beagles to be released over the next few weeks.

SHARK is glad our exposure and all of our work over the years for these beagles is finally helping them and we wish them the best in their new forever homes. However, there are still thousands of beagles and other animals remaining at this hell hole and it needs to be permanently shut down. If you live in Virginia or know anyone who does, please contact your legislators here and request that they pass the pending legislation to shut this place down for good.


There are well-established procedures to test new drugs and products that don't require torturing and killing animals. These procedures are more accurate and safer for humans. Continuing to use animals for experimentation endangers the lives of humans.

Animal research has a 92% failure rate. Just 8% of drugs that enter Phase 1 and 2 trails reach the marketplace and half of products fail in late state Phase 3 trials, Former FDA Commissioner Lester M. Crawford, The Scientist, 8/6/04. 

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