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Letter From Lesley About Horse-Drawn Carriages - October 1, 2008

[See Lesley's original letter here.]

Thank you so much for getting back with me so soon. And you guys are doing a great thing!! I myself know one or two carriage companies that put the money before the horses. GREED!! And it makes me sick!! Those are the people that should be punished.

The answer to your question: "What do I think I can do to reform the industry"? I don't know how to tell you to reform the industry. I think people need to remember that horses are living breathing beings and get tired, scared, and exhausted just like people do. They are NOT machines that can keep going on and on in any weather conditions without any rest. People should think, if it's not comfortable to them it's NOT comfortable for the horses. I'm sorry I can't be of more help, but I don't believe because of others stupidity, like, "working their horses to death", that you should try to ban horse carriages. That's like saying you should ban people from driving cars because of the idiots that drink and drive and cause fatal accidents. You can't penalize everyone, for other peoples stupidity. I think other carriage drivers, and owners need to use a little more common sense. Like I said previously, Horses are living breathing beings, just like you and I. If you use proper judgment, then I believe you guys, and the horses will be much happier.

I'd love to hear your opinion, about mine. And once again, I am sorry if I have offended anyone. I just want people to know, that some of us know, and do the right thing when it comes to animals. We aren't all greedy! Some of us put our animals first. I do, and I always will!! (My animals know it too!)

Thank you again for your time, and have a blessed day.

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Lesley:

Thank you very much for writing back.

We totally agree with your assessment of the horses feelings, and that if we wouldn't like it, than they wouldn't.

In your answer to our question, we see a sense of frustration over the cruelty that exists in the horse drawn carriage industry, which is the same reason that we get frustrated. If you, who are in the business, cannot correct the cruelty problems, then how do you expect us to do it, without campaigning against the industry? We feel the same way about all other industries that exploit animals, particularly farmed animals

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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